Skill Up Gradation

Adaptability is the key when it comes to employable skills. What works today will see a considerable transformation tomorrow and your workforce must follow the pace to keep your business afloat. Infinium Associates helps you to maintain the required flow of skilled resources through its professional and premier expertise-infused skill up gradation training programs where the benchmark of corporate abilities is set just as per the modern demands. We filter candidates based on their present skills, work on both hard and soft skills, and make them fit to join your workforce in lines with your business goals.

The Infinium Associates skill up gradation training program is designed to elevate overall expertise through its professional and premier expertise-infused team. Expect the prefect set of skills and qualifications in your employees that are customized solely for your company. 

The standards we maintain are nothing but the best helping required flow of skilled workers. Get a workforce familiar with modern tools, international work demands, work culture and are ready to deliver a greater output.

Skill Up gradation Methodology by Infinium

  • A selected team of experienced trainers with extensive work and training experience trains the workers as per international work methodologies.
  • Equipping and training staff to work with safety measures. The employees are trained about acceptable work cultures and industry mandated safety measures. They are trained in field conditions to ensure that they fit into your organizational health and safety practices with ease.
  • When we get to know your specific needs, a team of selected prospective employees are taught and trained about how to use devices, tools and equipment combined with international work processes.

Infinium Associates actively renders regular custom-made programs in diverse fields like Manufacturing, Maintenance, Oil & Gas, Outsourcing, Engineering, Construction, Interior & Fit-outs, Facilities and Automobile & Hospitality. We are also blessed with the patronage of a vast clientele from MENA who rely on us for their testing and skill assessment requirements for their recruiting campaigns, who will certainly vouch for our quality.

Your search for  trained and certified Steel Fixers, Carpenters, Shuttering Carpenters, Furniture Carpenters, Carvers,  Scaffolding and POP workers, Masons-Tile/Marble/Block & Plaster, Brick Layers, Brick Makers, Electricians, Plumber, Pipe Fitter, Riggers, Welders, Instrument Technicians, Mechanical Technicians, Fabricators, HVAC Technicians, A/C Technician, Tank Farm Specialists, Mechanics ,Heavy Equipment Operators, Drivers, Diesel Mechanics, Tool-pushers, Bar Benders, Hydraulic Mechanics, Machinists, Tailors, Gas Analysing Technicians ,Telecom Technicians, Cable Jointers, Cooks & Hospitality and Housekeeping staff ends here.

Need skilled workers?  Think Infinium!