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Our services

An idea is merely the cornerstone of any business. It is the team of experts who turns that one block into a whole fortress. Infinium Associates is your workforce management companion to help you find that model team. Right from assisting to find people for top brass to helping executives to relocate to a new office location, we take care of it all.

  • Executive & Boards Search
  • Blue Collared Hiring
  • Skill Up Gradation
  • Mobility Solution
  • Nationalization
  • Emiratization Solutions
  • Saudization Solutions
  • Market Intelligence
  • Overseas Manpower Recruitment
  • HR Outsourcing

Executive & Board search

Our executive search offering ensures quality outcome wherein we target and connect with each potential talent, not merely the ones seeking new opportunities which in turn results in talents of the highest calibre. Infinium represents you professionally to the applicants whom the role is being pitched to; the entire process is carried by ensuring confidentiality, time bound efficiency and in a cost effective manner.

The offering also makes sure pre-qualification of applicants which will keep away your team manager to focus on core recruitment decisions. Emphasis is the key aspect for a  quick turnaround timeframe and an accurate process driven and tailor-made Search strategy which relies heavily on knowledge management and industry research expertise ensuring the results to be  fast, guaranteed and outstanding which is witnessed through our client portfolio and success stories. Our  impeccable and  intensively research led operations to our executive search offering model backed by a  personalized candidate connect approach, we have demonstrated consistent results across Multinational, PSUs, Start-ups including complex & unique talent requirement on local as well as international level.

Blue Collared Hiring

Absorbing the wrong candidate into your organisation can lead to a loss of numerous years’ worth of salary. Add to that the resources spent in training the resource to fill up that specific job position. The tangible and intangible cost can often obstruct business growth and may also corrupt the work ambiance in your company. Evade such disastrous consequences by delegating your Blue Collar Hiring task to Infinium Associates. Let specialists find professionals who can fit right in and keep your work flow on track. We are experts in seeking out talent, tap into our years of experience of manpower solutions and hire only the best of the lot.

Infinium Associates has helped organizations in hiring 10000+Silled & semi-skilled and trained blue collared resources across the GCC through extensive and diverse experience.

We are experts in delivering the best manpower solutions across different industries like Construction, Engineering, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Facilities, Automobile, Telecom, Mining, Packaging, Operation & Shut down maintenance, support and general Services. Infinium always follows a line by line procedure to find the best – interview the candidates, train them for related skills and groom them for the job roles. Before placement an expert team makes sure that the employees are equipped with the related skills and training needed to fit with the job role offered.

Skilled manpower is the foundation of every successful business. It is the most vital factors for profitable project success.

Infinium has a complete understanding, update and knowhow of the strict manpower hiring laws and provides the clients with a full proof database that has be thoroughly scrutinized before enlisting. We are here to take away your stress of manpower recruitment and offer you the best options to choose from.

Infinium’ s blue collar hiring strategies are designed and tailored to meet the specific requirement of the clients. Our meticulous and rigorous selection process is combined with the superior training and mentoring for the right candidates to ensure that only the best possible candidates are selected for your company to maintain a lead in the respective industry.

With more than a decade of blue collar hiring experience, Infinium Associates provides a non-negotiable manpower supply process that includes strict  evaluation and screening, background and qualification check, induction and prior to deployment. The aim is to provide all our clients a lead in their businesses with the help of the best and most suited choice of professional and skilled manpower.

Skill Up Gradation

Adaptability is the key when it comes to employable skills. What works today will see a considerable transformation tomorrow and your workforce must follow the pace to keep your business afloat. Infinium Associates helps you to maintain the required flow of skilled resources through its professional and premier expertise-infused skill up gradation training programs where the benchmark of corporate abilities is set just as per the modern demands. We filter candidates based on their present skills, work on both hard and soft skills, and make them fit to join your workforce in lines with your business goals.

The Infinium Associates skill up gradation training program is designed to elevate overall expertise through its professional and premier expertise-infused team. Expect the prefect set of skills and qualifications in your employees that are customized solely for your company. 

The standards we maintain are nothing but the best helping required flow of skilled workers. Get a workforce familiar with modern tools, international work demands, work culture and are ready to deliver a greater output.

Skill Up gradation Methodology by Infinium

  • A selected team of experienced trainers with extensive work and training experience trains the workers as per international work methodologies.
  • Equipping and training staff to work with safety measures. The employees are trained about acceptable work cultures and industry mandated safety measures. They are trained in field conditions to ensure that they fit into your organizational health and safety practices with ease.
  • When we get to know your specific needs, a team of selected prospective employees are taught and trained about how to use devices, tools and equipment combined with international work processes.

Infinium Associates actively renders regular custom-made programs in diverse fields like Manufacturing, Maintenance, Oil & Gas, Outsourcing, Engineering, Construction, Interior & Fit-outs, Facilities and Automobile & Hospitality. We are also blessed with the patronage of a vast clientele from MENA who rely on us for their testing and skill assessment requirements for their recruiting campaigns, who will certainly vouch for our quality.

Your search for  trained and certified Steel Fixers, Carpenters, Shuttering Carpenters, Furniture Carpenters, Carvers,  Scaffolding and POP workers, Masons-Tile/Marble/Block & Plaster, Brick Layers, Brick Makers, Electricians, Plumber, Pipe Fitter, Riggers, Welders, Instrument Technicians, Mechanical Technicians, Fabricators, HVAC Technicians, A/C Technician, Tank Farm Specialists, Mechanics ,Heavy Equipment Operators, Drivers, Diesel Mechanics, Tool-pushers, Bar Benders, Hydraulic Mechanics, Machinists, Tailors, Gas Analysing Technicians ,Telecom Technicians, Cable Jointers, Cooks & Hospitality and Housekeeping staff ends here.

Need skilled workers?  Think Infinium!

Mobility Solutions

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Businesses have gone global with multiple operations in numerous locations. And from there rises the need to efficiently distribute skilled professionals to maintain an even benchmark of expertise across all sites.

But mobilizing workforce is hardly ever as easy as procuring a visa and booking the flight tickets. Relocating individuals, families or groups of professionals in different countries faces administrative, logistical, legal and cultural challenges.

Refrain from diverting valuable resources that could have been otherwise used for your business growth, into mobilizing efforts.

Our mobility solutions offering is an all-in-one package where we handle almost everything, starting from getting the documentation right to transporting your executives to the specified location. We comply with the immigration requirements, assure speedy processing, and ensure safe arrival to any country. Our expertise in managing mobility and a personalized approach ensures that each employee is relocated with minimum disruption to ensure they can adapt quickly to their new surroundings.


The economic changes of the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries is prominent where, as of 2018, almost 91% of the total workforce consisted of expatriate professionals. Social inclusion of the national personnel stands as a major hurdle for these governments amidst rising concerns by experts regarding the skill set of the local professionals. In view of this, two major names of the GCC has come up with the Saudization and Emiratization policies wherein organizations in Saudi Arabia and UAE are required to recruit a certain number of nationals to maintain a perfect balance with the expat workforce.

The GCC Nationalisation initiatives also include integrating skill development strategies through educational reforms, trainings and incentives at all levels to enhance local employment and raise the national benchmark of talent. 

This will improve the influx of more national executives into the workforce and reduce the dependency on expats.

Infinium Associates have been bridging the skill gap for quite some time now wherein you can select your employees from a pool of talented national candidates. Through technical training and expertise, we have raised the bar of professional abilities of the workforce. Nationalisation must no longer be an obstacle for you. Create the perfect balance of local and expat candidates with professional assistance from Infinium Associates.

Emiratization Solutions

Infinium Associates is a leading provider of Emiratization Solutions. With over a decade of experience in recruitment industry in the GCC region, we understand the UAE employment market perfectly. By leveraging local expertise, we entice skilled candidates through our available resources, established partners and dedicated consultants who partner together to support the growing demand of qualified Emirati candidates. Infinium helps the national professionals as well as young graduates find suitable employment in the private, semi-private and government sector.

With a clientele presence in private, government & semi-government sectors throughout the Emirates, we provide hiring’s across various domains like Oil & Gas, Retail, Banking, Hospitality, Construction, Energy and Healthcare.

Through well-established protocols we are committed to help Emiratis and offer full support to the companies in the UAE to support Emiratization.

Blue Collared Hiring

Infinium Associates have been extending talent recruitment services in the Saudi Arabian region for many years and has helped many businesses successfully comply with the Saudization requirements. Our customized services ensure that your business remains compliant to the Saudization guidelines without affecting the quality of talent that you employ. With Infinium recruit, train and hire the best Saudi Talent that confirms with the principals of your company.

For Saudi Professionals and young graduates, we offer excellent employment opportunities in various organizations across the country. We have strategic tie-ups with private, semi-private and government organisations ensuring that you find the job you prefer and deserve. We offer jobs at various levels in industries that include Oil and Gas, Energy   ,Automobile ,FM,Education, Hospitality, Healthcare to name a few.

Blue Collared Hiring

Market intelligence in the HR scope includes the use of appropriate tools and technology to enable you to make data-driven decisions while hiring workforce. Over the years, Infinium Associates has developed a rich database of skilled personnel, specific to all major sectors, using which we streamline the right candidates to your brand with supreme accuracy of scientifically collected market data.

Under the umbrella of market intelligence services, Infinium Associates can help you with:

Compensation Benchmarking – Without a competitive salary structure, businesses face a problem to attract and retain top talent. Decide the right salaries for your future executives that are both standard and enticing purely based on precise data-driven results. Infinium Associates help clients design, develop and deliver effective employee incentive programs based on the present market scenario.

Talent Mapping – Infinium’ s Talent Mapping Services are designed to assist clients to be proactive in preparing for future employments. Have a pool of talented candidates ready to join your workforce at any moment filtered with the help of industry-specific data mapping and its segmentation. This is a custom-made solution for clients that simplifies decision making for confidential recruitment and planning for current /future projects.

Reference Checks – Hire only those candidates with verified backgrounds where the checks happen through a holistic analysis of past performances and necessary credentials.
This focuses on identifying In depth qualitative insights about the recruits’ previous performance & reputation mere verification of credentials, it is done in a very   confidential, honest and unbiased manner and in turn  thus facilitates right hiring decisions.

Overseas Manpower Recruitment

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As the international markets have opened to trades and businesses, companies now look to hire from a global base of candidates. The international employment arena escalates the benchmark of skills available and open the gates to the best talents on a global scale.

Infinium Associates provides research-backed overseas manpower recruitments services which involves a detailed process flow in regards to the culture and ethos of the country where one is being hired for and insures you to get access to skilled expatriate candidates across all hierarchies. We are pioneers in aiding your hiring process in the international market. Be it for senior leadership position or blue-collared executives, expect only talented expat professionals lined up to join your brand. Infinium Associates infuses its supreme expertise in overseas hiring’s & mobility solutions thus assuring you with   globally competent candidates specific to your segment.

HR Outsourcing

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The hiring process of any company is rarely a one-time event. And the higher the complexity of the establishment, the greater is the hassle to put together a recruiting team. As your company evolves and changes with times, maintaining an effective human resources department that scales in relation to the size of your employee base can become a challenge. Outsource some or all of your Human Resource operation’s requirements to Infinium and spend more time and resources focusing on other important business processes. We have that team ready for you to find the right candidate who will fit into your job description effortlessly.

Whether it is an urgent requirement or a mass recruitment drive that you conduct annually, we are your brand to outsource your hiring process. Infinium employs data-driven and research-oriented strategies to direct only the skilled professionals to your brand. Infinium Associates prioritises your business goals and ambitions and filters candidates based on those mandates.

For all your HR outsourcing requirements, irrespective of its scale, think Infinium Associates for we possess the aptitude and expertise to match your workforce expectations.

At Infinium Associates We Help bring talent and opportunity together to make sure that our clients generate the maximum rewards from our association.

One of our highly sought-after services is the Human Resource Outsourcing service which helps our clients meet their temporary and urgent personnel requirements in an efficient manner. We have a ready data bank of qualified personnel with their background and reference checks done. It makes them readily employable in any position that you want and ensure that your work does not suffer for want of quality personnel. Whether you have requirement for blue-collar workers or white-collar workers, we offer complete solutions for your organisation that have been customized to match your requirements. We have catered to requirements of our clients working across diverse sectors such as: –

  • Oil and Gas
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Facilities

We have helped numerous clients of ours, working across diverse sectors with their high-quality personnel requirements. Our consultants are highly experienced and have been working in the region for last many years. They possess a perfect understanding of the quality of talent required for a particular position and perform an immaculate job that will ensure your satisfaction. All the personnel we provide are legalised employees who hold active Visas and Labour cards and adhere to all Ministry of Labour standards and regulations, so you can employ them with complete peace of mind. They will remain under your control while we handle their HR and payroll requirements.

Our outsourcing staffing services are an excellent option, if you do not want to undergo the hassle of retaining a full-time employee or need the workforce for a short duration only. With our customized plans you get access to highly skilled personnel at a short notice and thus can ensure the smooth functioning of your business functions. The trust that our clients have placed in us over the years has managed us to reach the position that we are in today.

For any contractual staffing or HR outsourcing requirements that you may have, Infinium Associates is just a call away.