The economic changes of the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries is prominent where, as of 2018, almost 91% of the total workforce consisted of expatriate professionals. Social inclusion of the national personnel stands as a major hurdle for these governments amidst rising concerns by experts regarding the skill set of the local professionals. In view of this, two major names of the GCC has come up with the Saudization and Emiratization policies wherein organizations in Saudi Arabia and UAE are required to recruit a certain number of nationals to maintain a perfect balance with the expat workforce.

The GCC Nationalisation initiatives also include integrating skill development strategies through educational reforms, trainings and incentives at all levels to enhance local employment and raise the national benchmark of talent. 

This will improve the influx of more national executives into the workforce and reduce the dependency on expats.

Infinium Associates have been bridging the skill gap for quite some time now wherein you can select your employees from a pool of talented national candidates. Through technical training and expertise, we have raised the bar of professional abilities of the workforce. Nationalisation must no longer be an obstacle for you. Create the perfect balance of local and expat candidates with professional assistance from Infinium Associates.

Emiratization solutions

Infinium Associates is a leading provider of Emiratization Solutions. With over a decade of experience in recruitment industry in the GCC region, we understand the UAE employment market perfectly. By leveraging local expertise, we entice skilled candidates through our available resources, established partners and dedicated consultants who partner together to support the growing demand of qualified Emirati candidates. Infinium helps the national professionals as well as young graduates find suitable employment in the private, semi-private and government sector.

With a clientele presence in private, government & semi-government sectors throughout the Emirates, we provide hiring’s across various domains like Oil & Gas, Retail, Banking, Hospitality, Construction, Energy and Healthcare.

Through well-established protocols we are committed to help Emiratis and offer full support to the companies in the UAE to support Emiratization.


Infinium Associates have been extending talent recruitment services in the Saudi Arabian region for many years and has helped many businesses successfully comply with the Saudization requirements. Our customized services ensure that your business remains compliant to the Saudization guidelines without affecting the quality of talent that you employ. With Infinium recruit, train and hire the best Saudi Talent that confirms with the principals of your company.

For Saudi Professionals and young graduates, we offer excellent employment opportunities in various organizations across the country. We have strategic tie-ups with private, semi-private and government organisations ensuring that you find the job you prefer and deserve. We offer jobs at various levels in industries that include Oil and Gas, Energy ,Automobile ,FM,Education, Hospitality, Healthcare to name a few.