Mobility Solutions

Businesses have gone global with multiple operations in numerous locations. And from there rises the need to efficiently distribute skilled professionals to maintain an even benchmark of expertise across all sites.

But mobilizing workforce is hardly ever as easy as procuring a visa and booking the flight tickets. Relocating individuals, families or groups of professionals in different countries faces administrative, logistical, legal and cultural challenges.

Refrain from diverting valuable resources that could have been otherwise used for your business growth, into mobilizing efforts.

Our mobility solutions offering is an all-in-one package where we handle almost everything, starting from getting the documentation right to transporting your executives to the specified location. We comply with the immigration requirements, assure speedy processing, and ensure safe arrival to any country. Our expertise in managing mobility and a personalized approach ensures that each employee is relocated with minimum disruption to ensure they can adapt quickly to their new surroundings.

Our Mobility solutions cover the following aspects

Pre Employment Checks

We at Infinium ensure that our clients have absolutely everything they need to be safe and ready to make their hired workforce starts working - including certificates, medicals, drug tests, background checks and references.

Document Attestation

Attestation for educational certificates and degrees from the respective embassies, consulates & MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) for the countries in the MENA region.


Our Emigration services simplify the process by taking the responsibility for all immigration requirements when deploying a workforce for the Manpower requirements of our clients. Our team works in sync with the government emigration bodies to ensure a smoother mobilization process

Travel Arrangements

Our Manpower mobility team have a wealth of experience in the travel sector. Strong relationships with key suppliers assures that we are able to find the best deals, and are able to arrange fully flexible Air Fares for a smoother mobilization of the Manpower hired.