Blue Collared Hiring

Absorbing the wrong candidate into your organisation can lead to a loss of numerous years’ worth of salary. Add to that the resources spent in training the resource to fill up that specific job position. The tangible and intangible cost can often obstruct business growth and may also corrupt the work ambiance in your company. Evade such disastrous consequences by delegating your Blue Collar Hiring task to Infinium Associates. Let specialists find professionals who can fit right in and keep your work flow on track. We are experts in seeking out talent, tap into our years of experience of manpower solutions and hire only the best of the lot.

Infinium Associates has helped organizations in hiring 10000+Silled & semi-skilled and trained blue collared resources across the GCC through extensive and diverse experience.

We are experts in delivering the best manpower solutions across different industries like Construction, Engineering, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Facilities, Automobile, Telecom, Mining, Packaging, Operation & Shut down maintenance, support and general Services. Infinium always follows a line by line procedure to find the best – interview the candidates, train them for related skills and groom them for the job roles. Before placement an expert team makes sure that the employees are equipped with the related skills and training needed to fit with the job role offered.

Skilled manpower is the foundation of every successful business. It is the most vital factors for profitable project success.

Infinium has a complete understanding, update and knowhow of the strict manpower hiring laws and provides the clients with a full proof database that has be thoroughly scrutinized before enlisting. We are here to take away your stress of manpower recruitment and offer you the best options to choose from.

Infinium’ s blue collar hiring strategies are designed and tailored to meet the specific requirement of the clients. Our meticulous and rigorous selection process is combined with the superior training and mentoring for the right candidates to ensure that only the best possible candidates are selected for your company to maintain a lead in the respective industry.

With more than a decade of blue collar hiring experience, Infinium Associates provides a non-negotiable manpower supply process that includes strict  evaluation and screening, background and qualification check, induction and prior to deployment. The aim is to provide all our clients a lead in their businesses with the help of the best and most suited choice of professional and skilled manpower.