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Best Strategies for attracting top talent

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The foundation of any sourcing exercise is clearly defined by a strategy that illustrates the brand message, target candidates, primary sources, and most-effective closing approaches (who, what, when,where and how).

Pipeline Building a steady stream of applicants (a pipeline). In order to build a continuous “talent pipeline,” using a “pre-need” approach that includes workforce planning, branding, continuous sourcing and mapping

Employment branding. The approach with the highest impact and the only long-term recruiting strategy is employment branding, the process of building your external image as an excellent place to work. By proactively making it easy for potential applicants to read, hear, or see the factors that make working at your firm exciting, you can dramatically increase the number and quality of your applicants over a long period.

Global Reach : For jobs that require top talent, the process must have a global recruiting capability. This is because the very best talent is unlikely to live within commuting distance of your job.

Candidate-centric approach. Focus on the candidate’s needs, their job selection criteria, and the candidate experience.

Broadcasting: Using different tool to increase the exposure of open jobs and the  employer branding. Functional aspect can include distribution of job postings, creation and management of email campaigns, and aggregation and management of social networks for a wider reach .

Search: Almost every ATS has some form of search capabilities. The extent of those capabilities, however, can play a huge role in a recruiters’ sourcing outcomes .Searching technology is getting increasingly sophisticated, with many systems automatically searching through internal candidate databases to find potential matches for new job postings. Others use complex search algorithms to track down top talent outside of the ATS, and rank candidates based on experience and competency.

Attracting & Selling Applicants: Improving recruiters’ search capabilities, by leveraging on candidates’ search habits. Through SEO tactics to improve the visibility of job postings. Selling applicants. The very best recruiting processes builds “relationships” with potential applicants over time in order to increase their level of trust and interest. Unfortunately, no amount of benefits or job features will be convincing to high-demand applicants without this level of trust.

Referrals: Employee referrals is becoming one of the most sought after sourcing aspect for finding quality hires. The same being done through, gamifying participation, automating job sharing on social networks, and much more.

Engagement: The recruiters keeping regular interaction with the potential candidates within

their networks. For example, a candidate updating his LinkedIn profile, or any recent professional achievement

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